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Stand Up Paddling, or SUP, founded in the Hawaiian Islands by world class waterman Laird Hamilton and fellow big wave riders. SUP roots are based in traditional surfing methodology, but take the sport a step further by utilizing a canoe-style paddle to propel through the water and help carve the face of the wave.

Most surf historians agree the sport originated when surf instructors on the beaches of Waikiki began paddling into the line-up to take photos of their clients learning to surf. Fast forward to the late 90’s when locals saw the sport as an opportunity to keep fit and enjoy the ocean in the summer months, when Hawaiian swells go flat. Because SUP doesn’t require waves it allowed surfers to be on the water and stay conditioned even without swell. To enjoy SUP one simply needs a body of water, whether it be a lake, river, estuary, lagoon, harbor or bay.

Stand Up Paddling is a hybrid sport incorporating several disciplines to create one of the best core work-outs available. SUP utilizes lower, mid and upper body muscle groups providing a work-out that is second to none. The low-impact core training is one of the fundamental reasons why SUP has gained so much momentum and popularity throughout the world.

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